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Life Update

Sidari Beach - Beauty Talk With Lauren
Sidari Beach
Liam and John
Hi guys, 

I thought I would just check in with you all and give you a little run down. Its not going to be super exciting cause I am one boring bastard but I thought I would do it anyway ha-ha. I love Life Update posts, they are some of my favourites to read so here is mine.

Firstly, I just got back from Corfu on Saturday. I’m going to go in with this one guys. I’m sorry. On the first night, I was a silly cow wasnt I and fell down a flight of stairs! Sober as well! WHATS THAT ALL ABOUT? I only went and damaged the ligaments in my ankle so you can imagine how painful it was to even put pressure on never mind walk on it. I was pure looking forward to walking for miles each day, having fun in the sea with Liam and checking out some of the sights we left out last year but we had to stay on the private decking area within our apartment which did become somewhat boring. Im not whining, I know some people dont get to holiday every year and I am very lucky to have gone away, but when you have been an idiot & ruined your holiday from the very first day, your gonna have a bit of a moan arent you? Don’t get me wrong, looking out to the sea was beautiful and because it was private it was quiet plus it had stairs going straight into the sea but you want to get out n about on holiday don’t you? I was raging with myself for not looking where I was going that night, so the first few days I was a right moody bitch and ended up snapping a few times at Liam but bless him, he just let me rant and rave before filling up my wine glass more and more ha-ha. I’ve got a keeper ladies!

The complex itself was stunning. We stayed in the Galini Apartments in Messonghi, Corfu which was right on the beach with the sea right at your doorstep. The weather was intense, it never fell below 30 degrees so of course I had to drink as much alcohol as my body would allow to keep me hydrated ha-ha. Also this helped alleviate the pain. I would hang my head in shame at the amount of alcohol consumed, but I’m not ashamed ha-ha. I enjoyed every minute of it. I did also drink a lot of water but let’s not kid around, I was more interested in the wine and vodka!

Gallini Apartments
Private Decking Area
Sidari Beach

We met up with Liam's mum and her partner, while we were there which was lovely so we had a nosey around the gorgeous streets and had a lovely wee lunch in Corfu Town. Since I stayed at the complex most days, I read a few books, not as many as I wanted right enough. Once I was propped up on a sun lounger with an endless supply of vodka & wine I found myself just looking out to the sea for a couple of hours. It was so beautiful. Along with the vodka and Britney's greatest hits blasting in my ears, I have to say, it really calmed me down.  I will do a breakdown of what books I read while I was away on another blogpost.

Moving on, as you know, I joined Slimming World at the start of July and have been so pleased with the results. In my first four weeks I lost 7lbs which may not sound like a lot but I had a lot going on throughout July. I had my sisters birthday meal, my birthday meal, my aunties 50th birthday meal, my other aunties 60th drinking marathon and my mums birthday meal so I am surprised I lost anything to be honest. Its nice though, even though its only 7lbs, I can already feel the loss in my clothes and see it in my face which is excellent. SW has been amazing, really cant fault it at all. I have well and truly found my feet when it comes to the eating plan as it’s very generous and I don’t feel like I am losing out on anything. If I want an ice cream, chocolate bar or packet of crisps, then I have them and add them to my syn count for that day which never goes over 15. Obviously I will have put on due to my holiday but I can easily get back into it. UPDATE: I lost 1/2 lb which I am over the moon with considering I drank pretty much every day and had a lot of coffees & pastries as well as chips ha-ha. 

As for fitness, I bought a Fitbit Flex (£79.99) before I went on holiday as I wanted something to count my steps throughout the day and this had the best reviews. I am in awe at this little guy as it goes on like a watch and counts each step taken. It also connects to your phone via Bluetooth, keeps track of food & drinks as well as tracking your sleeping pattern. I would highly recommend you get one of these as it’s amazing to see how many steps you can take during the day.

Corfu - Beauty Talk With Lauren

Arggghhh. The dreaded Uni! I start back on 8th September and I am so nervous guys. It’s not really a good nervous either. I'm just not looking forward to it and have been toying with the idea of just looking for a job and sacking off my honours year but I may be acting a little hasty there. I think it’s because I have built it up in my head over the course of 3rd year and the fact that I have to attend a new campus. But I don’t know. The only thing keeping me going is the fact that some of my favourite people will be coming with me apart from my favourite one! If you’re reading this Heather, I am devastated you won’t be there!! It’s all good though cause I know for a fine fact she will always be up for a liquid lunch which will turn into a night out. I can’t believe it’s been three years since I decided to leave my job and take the plunge with education as the time has flew by. I am so glad I done it though as I love the course and have been lucky when it came to the friends I have met. It’s kinda sad that it will all be over soon and I will need to find a full time job, but I am equally going to be glad that I don’t have to look at another exam again or write a report on something that seems ridiculous to me. Wish me luck!

As far as my little job went, it kinda didn’t if I’m honest. From the interview I never should have accepted the role. They said some things that had alarm bells going off with regards to time off for exams, holidays and the fact they didn’t want me to become accredited with an accounting association but I took it regardless and hated it from the minute I stepped into the office. I cried every day I came home from work, and I mean full on sobbing as it wasn't what I was used to at all. Poor Liam had to console me every time he saw me and constantly told me to quit if it made me that upset but I am not a quitter, especially when it comes to my work but it was too much and I ended up leaving after 6 months. Even the days leading up to me working were filled with anxiety which is not something I suffer from usually but when my Uni work started to suffer, I knew it was time to go. Even my lecturers noticed a difference in my work and attitude as it really got me down with one actually taking me aside and asking if I had broken up with Liam ha-ha because I looked terrible (Cheers Fiona!) I am not going to butcher this small firm at all, especially not online or on this blog, but I am glad I am away from it all to be honest as it wasn't my cup of tea which was such a shame.

Achilleion Palace
Achilleion Palace
Family wise, my gorgeous little niece, who is really my cousin by the way but she is 26 years younger than me and I refuse to call her my cousin. It all gets a bit weird when I say she is my uncles daughter which could also mean he is my brother but we aint hillbillies (no offence), we do not condone those type of relationships in my family! Anyway, that was some tangent to go off on, but I wanted to clear it up. She started school this year and I missed it *crying emoji* I cannot believe my little baby is going to be five years old in October and has started school! Where has the time gone? I feel as though she was just a chubby wee baby five minutes ago and now she is giving me makeup tips due to her love of YouTube ha-ha. Seriously, she sits at my makeup table pumping the foundation onto the back of her hand and tries to apply with my RT miracle sponge. SHE IS TOO CUTE!  I missed her first day at "college" as she calls it but I was sent some very cute pictures of her in her uniform and the cuteness oozing from her was unbearable! I actually can’t get over her sometimes, she is adorable and the light of my life. 

Lastly, I still haven't found a house for me and Liam to buy, I’m still not engaged and I’m still not preggers but do you know what, I’m enjoying life just the way it is and hopefully those things come with time. He better hurry up though as it’s been 8 years and I’m only getting older ha-ha. 

Anyway, I’ve got my first weigh in tonight with SW (shitting myself) but after that, I will be buying a nice bottle of red, have a relaxing bath and chilling out with a book tonight. I don’t know which one right enough so I will have a wee look and see what tickles my fancy but I hope all is going well with you guys. Leave me a comment below giving me a wee update or send me the link to your life update as I love reading these posts.

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  1. I hope your ankle is better now? I love Corfu & was there around this time last year - in Sidari! Will definitely go back at some point. Sounds like you had a nice break despite the accident.

    Best of luck with Uni - the year will fly by! xx


    1. We were in Acharavi last year which is right next to Sidari and loved it so much that we tried somewhere else in Corfu this year. Its such a gorgeous island with so much to do! It was a lovely break apart from me being a moody mare to Liam haha.

      Thank you so much :) Hope all is well with you xx


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