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My Summer Reads #2

Achilleion Palace
Achilleion Palace Top Floor Ceiling Artwork
Hi guys, 

As you know, and I’m sorry if I am going on about it ha-ha, but I came back from Corfu recently and you may also know that I am a keen reader so I wanted to share with you the books I read while I was there. I predicted what books I would read which you can find here but as per usual I geared away from it, only a little though. I am not a romantic novel kind of a girl, I stay within the crime/thriller/drama/autobiography section as I just enjoy these so much more than Katie fell in love with Stevie and they lived happily ever after kind of a book. I`m not slagging off anyone who reads these type of books but they aren’t for me unless it has something else going on. I also thought I would add in some more pictures of my holiday here too but if you would like to read my Life Update post, there are more over there too.

Achilleion Palace
Cherubs from Achilleion Palace
The first book I read was Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. I am a huge GF fan and was keen to get right into this book as I had heard a lot of good things about it. Camille is the main character who is a journalist in Chicago. She is asked to go back home and get the scoop on two girls who have gone missing and are found dead. I gave this 3 stars on goodreads as I found it very predictable. After a few chapters, it was quite clear to see where the story was going which is something I hate when reading. I don’t like to know what’s going on a quarter of the way through. None of the characters were very likeable, the only one I thought was ok was Camille as it was horrible to see how her relationship with her mother was and the reasons behind it. 

Achilleion Palace
View from Achilleion Palace
The second book I read was Still Missing by Chevy Stevens. Chevy is becoming a firm favourite of mine now, I love her style of writing and the overall story she tells and this was no different. This is based around a girl called Annie who is kidnapped at her work and kept prisoner for almost a year. Reading what happened to her over the course of this period was harrowing but once she was found, it was equally as bad. I gave this 5 stars on goodreads as I could not put it down. I was hooked from the beginning.

Sidari Beach
Liam and his Mum Paragliding
I then moved onto an autobiography as I wanted to read something lighter and that came in the form of Rylan Clark Neal’s book. I gave this 3 stars as it was a bit bleugh. I absolutely adore Rylan and was looking forward to reading this, I mean, I didn’t hate it, but I expected more to be honest. I do love the fact that he wrote it himself and that really came across as I felt like he was reading it to me. I loved hearing about his upbringing and how he overcame certain obstacles but nothing substantial actually happened to him. I think I just expected it to delve a little bit further than it did but it didn’t.

Achilleion Palace
Art Work in Palace
After having a break from the normal crime/thriller books I delved straight back in with Those Girlsby Chevy Stevens. Like I said, she is becoming a firm favourite now and this book really hit the ground running from the first page. This is based on the lives of three sisters Dani, Courtney and Jess who have a pretty hard life. Their mother died when they were young and their dad is a violent drunk who works offshore. Something happens and they end up going on the run but what happens from that point is truly horrific. I really felt for the girls and willed them to have a better life after the events that took place. This starts off telling it from the youngest sister, Jess`s, point of view which happens in 1997. It then moves onto one of their daughter’s point of view 18 years later. The first part was amazing to read but the second part was a little slow in getting into the story, once it did, I was blown away! Well worth a read. Gave this 4 stars.

Corfu Clothes
Traditional Corfiat Dress 
I then decided to crack on with the Crucifix Killer by Chris Carter. I gave this 5 stars as it was a wild adventure I was taken on. This is the first book in the Robert Hunter series and I have to say, I will 100% be buying every other one as this one was such a good read. It reminded me of a great 90s thriller like The Bone Collector but with so much more. It is very graphic though, I wasn’t expecting that to be honest and I often winced at some of the descriptions given when it came to bodies being found in a certain way. This is well written and weaves in other stories so carefully so there is a lot going on. I figured out who the killer was about 3/4 of the way through but couldn’t for the life of me figure out why so when it was finally revealed, I really felt for them. Obviously, they are a sadistic serial killer so I wasn’t that sorry for them but it was such a great book. Highly recommend if you love a good thriller.

Corfu Town
Gorgeous Flowers
So, I got through five books in Corfu, I honestly thought it would be more but once I was outside and perched up on the private decking I found myself just staring at the water. Give me a vodka, a bit of 90s music and the sea and I am happy! 

What have you been reading recently?
Have you read any of these books?
What else would you recommend?

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