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Slendertoxtea | Slender Slim & Slendertox Coffee

Slender Slim & Slendertox Coffee

Slendertoxtea Slender Slim & Slendertox Coffee

Slender Slim Coffee

Slendertox Coffee

Hi guys,

I’m sure you are aware of all the detox teas and coffees out there at the moment. They have been making their rounds on social media by Towie stars, Geordie Shore stars and even the Kardashians so it’s no wonder they have become quite popular. After all if Kim and Kylie are using them, then they must work right? I am not shaming people for buying these types of products due to this reason, I am a sucker for buying something that my favourites celebs are endorsing but I don’t really believe it will work, I just want to try it. 

Being a beauty blogger, I tend to "buy to try" so I can give my honest review. As you may or may not know, I tried the Slendertoxtea a while ago and I didn’t really like it. Sure, I lost weight, but I didn’t like the experience. I felt as though my body was rejecting the tea and I felt like I was punishing myself. However, I found out they released coffee blends and I decided why the hell not! I am a weird specimen, I have this incessant need to try things out, and I am a curious cat after all.

Now, I don't want it to seem like I am promoting detox programs or shaming woman into trying these items. I am simply trying them out to give you an idea of what they are like. I don't necessarily buy to lose weight, I buy to see how the ingredients affect me and to give my honest review on such a hyped up product. If you don't want to try it, that's fine and if you do then make sure you read other honest reviews to find out if these types of products are for you. Don't buy because you want to look like a model or celebrity as it doesn't quite work like that and certainly don't buy if you feel like it is going to help you lose loads of weight, only a healthy diet and regular exercise will help with that.

Both of these coffees promise to aid weightloss, increase your energy levels, detoxify the liver and to cleanse the colon. Yes, cleanse your colon, so you will be making regular trips to the toilet i'm afraid. It is advised that you start these on a weekend to get your body used to it before heading back to work on the Monday morning.

Slender Slim Coffee (£13.99) - Now called Slim Coffee Creamy Latte Flavour
Ingredients: Creamer, Soluble Coffee, Grain of Barley and Rye, Fibre, Inulin, Green Coffee Beans and L-Carnitine. This has 22 calories per 1 teaspoon serving.

This product contains dairy and is made up of non-roasted coffee beans, known as green coffee. This particular coffee contains the highest levels of Chlorogenic Acid, yeah me neither.  Apparently it speeds up your metabolism and helps to lose unwanted fat. It also inhibits the uptake of glucose in the intestines & regulates the metabolism which results in weight loss. 

I added 2 tsps. with hot, not boiled, water into a cup and added 1/2 tsp of sugar/sweetener as I found the coffee to be a little sweet. I didn’t add milk as I like it black. This is a very enjoyable drink, I had no problems with taste whatsoever. This isn’t a high end coffee so its not strong but there is a definite coffee taste to it. During the ten days, I had no side effects. I was slightly gassy on day one and then nothing for the duration of the detox. Very enjoyable, no issues and no results ha-ha. I have to say, I didn't notice any difference with this drink at all. It didn't reduce bloating, I didn't lose weight and I didn't have any extra energy. Sadly this wasn't for me.

Slendertox Coffee (£13.99) - Now called Detox Coffee Mocha Flavour 
Ingredients: Same as above. This also has 22 calories per 1 teaspoon serving.

This is pretty much the same coffee as it contains the same ingredients according to pack details. I found this to be a little more creamier but I needed more sweetener than the Slim version. I prepared this in the exact same way, just with freshly boiled water that had been left to cool every so slightly. It was nice, but again, I didn't notice any increased energy, nor a reduction of bloating or weight. 

For me, both of these products were not worth the price tag. I would rather buy normal coffee that tasted like a strong coffee (that's my preference) but if you prefer a smoother, weaker coffee then these might be for you. As I said, I didn't notice any weight loss with these. I have joined Slimming World and only been losing 2lbs per week but this is down to eating better not this coffee. Last week I maintained (kept the same weight) and I drank the coffee all through the week so if it worked, I would have lost something.

Would you try a detox coffee?
Have you noticed a difference if you have used them?

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  1. This is Fab! I see a lot of Detox Teas around but didn't realise they did coffee's too. I didn't have a great experience witha detox tea either (Slimatee). Where did you get your mug from? I read your blog post quite a lot but keep forgetting to leave a comment lol x

    1. I think I will be staying away from them now as ive tried both coffees and teas. They are ok but I would rather have a normal cuppa tea and coffee haha much more flavour.

      The mug was a Christmas gift last year so I have no idea where its from. Sorry!

      Thank you for commenting and reading my blog :) xx

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