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Teeth Whitening with CB12 White Including Results

CB12 White

Hi guys, 

I don’t know if you know this about me but I hate my teeth. Well hate is a strong word but I dislike them sometimes. The problem isn't with anything other than the colour as they aren't as white as they used to be and for that reason, I dislike them. Obviously you will see the cheeky wee tooth on the left hand side is a little crooked, that's due to me falling on a rock at the beach when I was thirteen and then I chipped it on a champagne glass a few years ago. 

I could go ahead and blame everything else for the lack of whiteness but who am I kidding, it’s the copious amounts of red wine and coffee I consume that’s done most of the damage. I also smoked for a number of years so that’s yellowed them a bit. They aren’t over the top yellow (until you get up close and personal), most people compliment me on my teeth but I notice all the yellow parts, especially when I go right up to the mirror or take close up shots (see pics below) and it does my head in so I wanted to whiten them. 

Teeth Whitening

I know what you are thinking, why don't I just go to a dentist and have them professionally whitened? but I don't have that kind of money! It’s so expensive and even with my gorgeous dentist, Claire, offering me a discount, it’s still too much so I resort to these kinds of measures.

As you may or may not know, I came across Doll White UK Teeth Whitening Strips* last year and thought they were great. They made such a noticeable difference after just one use so I continued to use them and was wowed by them. I did eventually stop using the strips as I couldn't keep up with the price tag so I went on the hunt for something more affordable. That’s where CB12 kindly stepped in.


The name sounds very scientific doesn't it. I mean come on, CB12 White*(£15)! Or is that just me that thinks that? Anyway as you can guess from the name and the post title, this is a new teeth whitening product which promises to remove stains in less than two weeks, prevent future stains and keep your breath smelling fresh for up to 12 hours! I don't normally believe such statements but on this one, I shouted "Sign me up buddy". 


The solution itself is liquid based, very much like a mouthwash so no need for gum shields or strips. I don't really like things like that due to the fact that I slabber all over the place and it's not really attractive is it? This solution contains Fluoride which helps to strengthen enamel and is also alcohol free. On first use, I brushed my teeth as normal and then took 1/2 cap full of the liquid and swished around my mouth for a minute. It stung a little bit, as a normal mouth wash would but wasn’t uncomfortable at all. The soft peppermint taste was pleasant, it wasn’t overly minty. Once I was finished with it, I spat out (sorry, but couldn’t think of another word) and was surprised by the lack of aftertaste and burning. I usually hate that, but with this, there was no problem. I then used twice per day every day for the full twelve days as recommended.

I have to say, I was a little miffed that I didn’t see instant results like I did with the Doll White Strips but around Day 5 I began to notice the stains on my front teeth fading and that kept me going with it. After the twelve days was up, I was over the moon at the difference. As you can see from the before and after shots, there is a massive change. I took the before shot the day before I started and the after shot this morning before publishing this post. 

CB12 Before and After

I just have to say, both of these photos were taken in the same bedroom of my house. As its Glasgow, it was a little dull on both days but the lighting turned out to be ok. They were not altered and they are my teeth in both shots. Just in case anyone says I have used teeth whitening apps, I haven’t. The only work I done to these pictures were to crop them so it was purely my teeth and lips that were shown as nobody wants to see up my nostrils. Or do you? I then made a comparison picture and added some writing. 

Hopefully you can all see the results from using this teeth whitening solution and for that reason, I would highly recommend it. The only thing that I wouldn't agree with is the fact that you have fresh breath for up to 12 hours. I don't suffer from bad breath, obviously if I eat smelly food or drink coffee then I will but it’s nothing for me to worry about. This maybe worked for about an hour or so but definitely not 12 hours.

All in all, a fantastic product with visible results. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to give their teeth a little clean and to anyone who wants to prevent future staining. I have loved using it and I will be buying a few of these to keep the results coming.

PS. Print can be bought via Dorkface Shop

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  1. Wow, result! All products I tried until know to whiten my teeth gave me result but in 2-3 days it was like I haven't used anything. This product sounds amazing and I am impressed!


    1. Yeah the results speak for themselves, obviously if you stop using teeth whitening products, your teeth will likely stain again due to food and drink. Even when you get the professionally whitened it happens but I like the fact that this targets future stains and that it done a number on my teeth haha xx

  2. Did you feel any disconfort? I had tried the whitening strips but I would literally have pain for the next 2 days even after one use. Constant sharp pain so I reckoned it wasn't worth it hah but I really want to find something that's okay for sensitive teeth. This seems perfect as I'd rather have a mouth wash than a strip either way. Will give this a go.

    1. Hi Gintare, I didn't feel any discomfort at all. Only a slight burn like I do with normal mouthwashes. This tastes great, it actually works and didn't irritate xx

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  5. I can defo see results! I don't have money to be getting my teeth professionally whitened but I go to the hygenist every 6 months and they really help with removing staines and no where near the whitening cost x

    LAURA ­| Laura Thinks About

    1. I know what you mean Laura. I dont have that kind of money either so this worked a treat for me xx

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