Sunday, 18 September 2016

Hermes Fragrance | Un Jardin En Méditerranée

Hermes Un Jardin En Méditerranée

Hermes Fragrance

Hermes Un Jardin Perfume

Hermes unisex fragrance

Hi guys,

I should actually be studying but I sacked it off to do this little blog post instead ha-ha. We all need a break sometimes and this is my down time.

I have been wearing Hermes Un Jardin En Mediterranee (from £59) since I was 18 years old when a colleague of mine, Sam, introduced me to the brand. I think it launched in 2003 and was quite unknown here. Im pretty sure it was only House of Fraser who stocked it back then. Even now, it is quite hard to source online so I always purchase from HoF or John Lewis as I know they arent selling fakes and they are reasonably priced too. Obviously you could source it directly from Hermes, but I wasn’t about the online shopping back then, not a lot of people were to be honest so it was HoF or JL all the way.

As you can imagine, I earned nothing back then, I was only a hairdressing junior so I relied on samples and quick skooshes from Sam as she always had a bottle tucked away in her designer handbag. If truth be told, I think this is where my obsession with designer handbags and unusual scents came from as I looked up to Sam as she was such a good role model plus she was stunning and effortlessly chic. I am 31 now and I still wear this perfume. I always have a bottle and as soon as I know it’s about to run out, I order another one so I am never without.

I have yet to find a similar perfume, I don’t know if I’m not looking hard enough or if there really isn’t anything like this as it is quite unique. It is described as the spirit of a Mediterranean garden which is both sensual and enveloping. It contains aromas of Fig Woods and Leaves, Orange Blossom, Bergamot (my all-time fave scent) and White Oleander. As soon as I had a whiff of this beauty, I was hooked. It really does capture the senses. Liam's step sister commented on it by saying it was the most sexual fragrance she has ever smelled, so that gives you an idea of the scent. I wear this on special occasions or on date nights (it works wonders!) and I am never short of compliments. 

This is also a unisex fragrance so any guys out there who love this scent, can get away with it too. I personally think its a little too floral to be worn by men, but if you like it, wear the hell out of it!

A perfect fragrance for all seasons.

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Friday, 16 September 2016

Autumn Nails

Nail Polish

Max Factor Raspberry Blush, Essie Maki Me Happy, Essie Playing Koi and Nails Inc Colville Mews
Autumn Nails
Max Factor Raspberry Blush, Essie Maki Me Happy, Essie Playing Koi and Nails Inc Colville Mews
Nails Inc Swatch

Essie Nail Swatch

Essie Playing Koi
Nail Polish

Autumn Beauty
Max Factor Raspberry Blush, Essie Maki Me Happy, Essie Playing Koi and Nails Inc Colville Mews
Hi guys,

I started Uni this week and I honestly thought I was going to hate it, but so far so good. The only thing, which is something I despise, is the fact we have to do presentations in most of the modules! Arggghhh. For anyone who knows me, knows I can talk and I have gave presentations before but there is something about doing it on a subject I am not too keen on, not well versed in and also the fact I have to stand at the front of a lecture hall in front of my classmates that makes me want to whitey all over the place! Anyway, as it’s my honours year, I am only there until March so I need to get my finger out and grab this thing by the balls if I want a good mark to round off my accountancy degree. Obviously I would love a First but I will take anything at this stage ha-ha.

I decided to talk nails today as I am really loving the autumn shades out there at the moment. Obviously you know I love Autumn but I’m not usually one for bright or dark coloured nails, I normally stick to nudes but after browsing the Boots shelves and picking out some new Essie shades, I thought I would give you a wee peak at what colours I will be wearing.

With all of these, I normally give myself an at home manicure where I trim my nails, buff any ridges and push back my cuticles. I then apply the Sally Hansen Miracle Cure (£9.95) as a base coat, two coats of polish and the Bourjois Top Coat (£5.99) before drying with my Fan Dryer (£8.99). All of these polishes last between 4 to 7 days depending on what i've been doing. Usually on a cleaning day, I will have my hands in water a lot so the polish flakes off but if I am just doing regular things like dishes and showering etc then it will last a little longer.

As the same would suggest, this is a gorgeous raspberry pink shade which is the perfect dark berry, in my opinion.
2. Essie Maki Me Happy (£7.99)
This is a crimson berry shade which is just beautiful. If you want to have a nice new red nail polish I would suggest this.
3. Essie Playing Koi (£7.99)
This is a rusty orange shade. It does dry a little darker on the nails than what is portrayed in the bottle. It is gorgeous though. Perfect for autumn.
I am loving this latte nude shade at the moment. It is the perfect nude for me as I love the slight brown shade to it.

So there we have it, my favourite shades this autumn. As I say, im not one for colourful nails but something about these grabbed my attention and I have worn them every couple of days recently. What are your favourite shades this season?

P.S The autumn print (from £3.80) in the background can be sourced via Sweet Allures Etsy Store

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Monday, 12 September 2016

Halloween Costume Ideas For Woman

Print bought via Sweet Allure
Hi guys,

I hope you all enjoyed my autumn post (link at bottom of post) I am so happy that its now here as it means my favourite holiday is also due, which is of course, Halloween!!!! Eeeeek, I am so excited!! You may think it is too early to talk costumes but people go nuts at this time of year and buy up all the best ones so I thought I would put together my favourites. Something I am all over is the amazing costumes from The Purge: Election Year as the outfits on some of the girls were outstanding and very gory! I’m not too sure though so I decided to go on a little hunt and I thought I would include you in it in case you are struggling too. Shall we delve in?


1. Harley Quinn (£36.99)
Ok, unless you have been living under a rock then you will know that Harley Quinn tutorials have been all over social media and YouTube thanks to the Suicide Squad. Margot Robbie was a mega babe wasn’t she? So I suspect a lot of girls will be dressing up like her this year. You can find a great costume on Party Delights which includes jacket with attached shirt, shorts, tights and belt. Obviously you will need a wig but you could just buy a blonde wig and then some blue and red hairspray. To complete the look all you need is some tattoos, a bat & a choker and you will be one hot mamma on Halloween night.

2. Miss Scissorhands (£34.98)
Edward Scissorhands is one of my all-time favourite movies so I thought I would include a sexy version of it. This costume includes scissorhand gloves and dress with attached sleeve as well as sleevelette, wig, choker, and belt. You will have to find tights and boots to complete the outfit but everyone should have these in their collection. If you don’t have knee length boots, just wear little ankle boots and you will look fabulous!

I thought this one was great as not everyone wants to go as some sexy version of an everyday occupation or a zombie of some sort. This will be comfy and you will still look like you have made an effort. If you wanted to jazz it up you could get some fake tattoos, give yourself a black eye (not a real one!) and paint on some fake blood on your mouth and nose to create the illusion that you`ve been in a fight. 

Halloween Costumes

4. Cat (£7)
This outfit includes a tutu and a cat ear headband so all you have to do is wear a black top, black tights and some black shoes. This is cheap and cheerful of you really can’t be arsed but want to make some sort of an effort. Get onto YouTube and find a kick ass cat tutorial and you are good to go.

This outfit includes a top with attached scarves, pants, belt, arm warmers, cuff. You can get yourself a staff (£13.97) on Amazon to complete the full outfit. 

Womans Halloween Costumes

6. Nun (£20.49)
I dressed up as a nun two years ago and I have to say it was the most fun I had dressing up. I got to go all gory and got myself some white contact lenses which really added to the look. Obviously if you want to add black lenses then that would be even better, especially with a black smoky eye, a heavy contour and a white painted face.

This one would be so much fun to put together. Obviously there are a ton of YouTube tutorials out there and you can make them as freaky as you want or as colourful as you want, its really up to you.

8. Mermaid (£17.69)
Who doesnt want to be a mermaid! I mean come on, this is perfect and glamourous without being over the top. 

These are my top picks this year. There is something for everyone whether you want minimal effort, maximum effort, gory, fun, cute or frightening! Hopefully you enjoy them and I have given you some inspiration.

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*All photos were sourced via websites the costumes came from.
*Print in top picture was bought via Sweet Allure Etsy Store.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Why I Am Excited For Autumn

Print bought via Sweet Allure
Hi guys,

I thought I would just have another chatty post today. I’ve been doing a lot of that recently apart from the CB12 review and the reason behind it was the fact I was getting a little bored of writing the same kind of posts. Don’t get me wrong, I adore writing beauty content but I feel like I have lost my mojo a bit and I am taking a little break from it. I’m not saying I have stopped but I just want to get some of my thoughts down and things that I enjoy as this blog is supposed to be about me and my opinions but also about me as a person so my lovely readers get a feel for who I am and what I am about. So... I am going to talk about my favourite season EVER! Autumn. The official day for autumn to begin is something like the 22nd September but as far as I am concerned it starts as of today, the 1st September. 

Now you will notice there is no pumpkin spiced lattes or Ugg boots in this post ladies and gentlemen! I’m not criticising but I’m not too fussed about those things really. Everything else however, is what I’m looking forward to most.

Autumn Prints
Print bought via Sweet Allure
1. Weather
Ok, I’m not one to moan about it being too hot, especially when the sun is shining but man oh man, it’s just been too humid recently. I live in Glasgow and we pretty much get about 11 months of rain/wind but the other month is normally made up of a few sunny days, maybe a few weeks if we are lucky and then just some unbearably humid days with no sunshine whatsoever. What the fuck is that all about? Give me sunshine or don’t but don’t make me sweat with no chance of a BBQ or tan in return! Give me a break mate.

2. Clothes
Nothing screams autumn to me more than plenty of loose layers, chunky knitwear and some cute boots. I love the colours of the season too when it comes to clothes as they are all so inviting and comfy looking. 


3. All the Holidays
Let’s face it, the best holidays ever take place in autumn, apart from Christmas of course. But my favourite has to be Halloween. I love everything about it, especially if there is a party going on. I love Halloween sweets, candied apples, dressing up, having a night to get drunk with all my besties and then chilling out with some awesome horror movies. 

4. Movies
I love all the movies at this time of year. They are some of the best, especially when there is a good old fashioned horror going on at the cinema but I love the classics such as Hocus Pocus, Chucky and Beetlejuice. They just scream autumn to me.


5. Return of TV

As far as I am concerned, the TV situation is seriously lacking during the summer months. I understand why but when you live in Glasgow, there aren’t many opportunities to go out and enjoy the sun so you end up staying in more often than not hence the reason I am excited for some fall TV. The ones I am most excited about are Great British Bake Off, Great British Menu, The Fall (Jamie Dornan anyone?!), Cold Feet, Gilmore Girls (YASSSSSSS), Black Mirror, Westworld, How to get away with Murder, Transparent, Our Girl, Divorce, Criminal Minds and SVU. I have just finished season one and two of The Affair but I don’t think that will be back until the winter. Another great show that I watched online was The Night Of. I think it might have started already or may be starting soon but I highly recommend it.

6. Food
Who doesn’t love a huge hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows? I mean it is a staple when it comes to the colder months. Usually people will say this is a winter drink but for me it all starts in autumn. It doesn’t just end with HC, I touched upon this in the holiday section of the post but for me I love everything Halloween based with some great meat, vegetables and fruits thrown in for good measure. I am happy with a good stew, a glass of red wine and then a banging dessert, usually something apple based.

Hot Chocolate

7. Colours
There is something about the colours of autumn that gives me great comfort. I just love the red, orange, yellow and green hues flowing through each and every street but it’s the parks where it’s really at. I love going for wee walks in the autumn months as the whole place is truly magical.

8. Homeware
Now this is probably my most favourite of the lot. I absolutely love going into the supermarkets and stores round about me and seeing all their gorgeous autumnal products on display. Again, it’s mostly the colours that capture me but it’s the designs on mugs, bedding, cushions, etc. that really gets me excited. Next Home has got to be one of my favourite places on earth and it does not let me down when autumn hits. It’s also a favourite due to the fact that Costa lives upstairs and I can grab a Chai Latte and some cake before walking about the store.


9. Dark Lips
I love a deep dark lip when the colder months come in, it’s just the perfect time to make those bad boys stand out. Anything that is red, purple or deep pink is where it’s at for me when it comes to makeup. I especially love Nars Liv, Mac Rebel and Rimmel #107 as they are the perfect shades for autumn.

10. Baths and Comfy Pjs
Come on now! How could I write this post and not talk about my two favourite things in the world. When the colder months come in, I am all about baths and comfy warm pyjamas. I absolutely adore it and I always buy a few new pairs of pyjamas every year. Lush and Pretty Suds are probably my favourite websites to buy from when it comes to bath products as they have a wide range and always have some great smelling autumn delights. Throw in a good book and a large glass of red wine and I am one happy lassie.

So there we have it, my top highlights of autumn. Seriously, how many times can I say autumn in this post ha-ha. Autumn, autumn, autumn.

What are your top choices?

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*All photos are courtesy of Pixabay
* Both prints in first two pictures were bought via Sweet Allure on Etsy.
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