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Halloween Costume Ideas For Woman

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Hi guys,

I hope you all enjoyed my autumn post (link at bottom of post) I am so happy that its now here as it means my favourite holiday is also due, which is of course, Halloween!!!! Eeeeek, I am so excited!! You may think it is too early to talk costumes but people go nuts at this time of year and buy up all the best ones so I thought I would put together my favourites. Something I am all over is the amazing costumes from The Purge: Election Year as the outfits on some of the girls were outstanding and very gory! I’m not too sure though so I decided to go on a little hunt and I thought I would include you in it in case you are struggling too. Shall we delve in?


1. Harley Quinn (£36.99)
Ok, unless you have been living under a rock then you will know that Harley Quinn tutorials have been all over social media and YouTube thanks to the Suicide Squad. Margot Robbie was a mega babe wasn’t she? So I suspect a lot of girls will be dressing up like her this year. You can find a great costume on Party Delights which includes jacket with attached shirt, shorts, tights and belt. Obviously you will need a wig but you could just buy a blonde wig and then some blue and red hairspray. To complete the look all you need is some tattoos, a bat & a choker and you will be one hot mamma on Halloween night.

2. Miss Scissorhands (£34.98)
Edward Scissorhands is one of my all-time favourite movies so I thought I would include a sexy version of it. This costume includes scissorhand gloves and dress with attached sleeve as well as sleevelette, wig, choker, and belt. You will have to find tights and boots to complete the outfit but everyone should have these in their collection. If you don’t have knee length boots, just wear little ankle boots and you will look fabulous!

I thought this one was great as not everyone wants to go as some sexy version of an everyday occupation or a zombie of some sort. This will be comfy and you will still look like you have made an effort. If you wanted to jazz it up you could get some fake tattoos, give yourself a black eye (not a real one!) and paint on some fake blood on your mouth and nose to create the illusion that you`ve been in a fight. 

Halloween Costumes

4. Cat (£7)
This outfit includes a tutu and a cat ear headband so all you have to do is wear a black top, black tights and some black shoes. This is cheap and cheerful of you really can’t be arsed but want to make some sort of an effort. Get onto YouTube and find a kick ass cat tutorial and you are good to go.

This outfit includes a top with attached scarves, pants, belt, arm warmers, cuff. You can get yourself a staff (£13.97) on Amazon to complete the full outfit. 

Womans Halloween Costumes

6. Nun (£20.49)
I dressed up as a nun two years ago and I have to say it was the most fun I had dressing up. I got to go all gory and got myself some white contact lenses which really added to the look. Obviously if you want to add black lenses then that would be even better, especially with a black smoky eye, a heavy contour and a white painted face.

This one would be so much fun to put together. Obviously there are a ton of YouTube tutorials out there and you can make them as freaky as you want or as colourful as you want, its really up to you.

8. Mermaid (£17.69)
Who doesnt want to be a mermaid! I mean come on, this is perfect and glamourous without being over the top. 

These are my top picks this year. There is something for everyone whether you want minimal effort, maximum effort, gory, fun, cute or frightening! Hopefully you enjoy them and I have given you some inspiration.

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*All photos were sourced via websites the costumes came from.
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