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Lush Christmas Haul 2016

Lush Christmas - Beauty Talk With Lauren

Hi guys, 

I went a little nuts in Lush a few weeks ago, as you do, and bought almost everything they had, I was only in for a birthday and Christmas gift and instead, I ended up with a fully stocked bathroom ha-ha. I do love Lush and their Christmas range is always on point so I picked myself up a lot of bath products as well as a few face masks to combat my oily/sensitive skin at this time of year. I wanted to buy products I hadn’t tried previously so these are the ones I went for in the end.

Lush Christmas 2016

Bubble Bars
The first thing I reached for was The Christmas Penguin (£3.95) which has scents of Sicilian lemon, mandarin oils and sweet bergamot. I then bought Santasaurus (£5.95) which is a reusable bubble bar and also contains bergamot and orange scents. This creates a gorgeous green toned bath which smells wonderful! Snowie (£4.25) is the one I was most looking forward to as it is so damn cute! I also love anything that contains rose and grapefruit oils as they tend to be very sensual but also refreshing. 

Christmas Penguin and Shoot for the Stars
Christmas Penguin and Shoot for the Stars

Snowie Bubble Bar
Snowie Bubble Bar and Face Masks
Bath Bombs
I got a whole load of bath bombs from this years range, some of which I didn’t photograph as I popped them into a bath immediately ha-ha. I was a little surprised at the prices of the bath bombs this year to be honest, I can’t remember them being this expensive last year, but that’s the joy of inflation eh? Anyway, I bought Mistletoe (£4.25) which is a gorgeous pink and green bath bomb that boasts of Jasmine and Ylang Ylang and also Frozen (£4.25) which is one of my all-time favourites. I then wanted to try the Luxury Lush Pud (£4.25), Never Mind the Ballistics (£4.25), So White (£3.75) and Shoot for the Stars (£4.25) as I’ve never bought them before. I was a little disappointed with So White and Never Mind the Ballistics as they weren’t as strong as I would have liked and the scents weren’t as great as everything else but that is my preferences, you may love em! 

Luxury Lush Pud and Frozen
Luxury Lush Pud and Frozen

Lush Snowie and Mistletoe
Snowie and Mistletoe
Face Masks
I am a huge fan of Lush face masks and I think I have tried the majority of them but since I am a coffee fiend, I decided to go for Cup 'o' Coffee (£6.75) as this acts as an exfoliator which promises soft skin. I have been loving this as it’s very sweet due to its vanilla and agave ingredients but it also contains kaolin which is great for oily, blemish prone skin. I then spotted Rosy Cheeks (£6.95) which I was over the moon at, as I tried buying this last year but it was sold out! This contains rose, kaolin and calamine which calms the skin as well as nourishes, cleanses and tones. 

Lush Christmas 2016

Snowman Basket

Shower Gel
I was extremely naughty and purchased copious amounts of Rose Jam Shower Gel (from £4.95) as I am obsessed! Ever since I tried the Rose Jam Bubbleroon (£3.95), I have wanted nothing else from my shower and bath experience other than rose scents. This is very strong and it leaves my skin smelling of roses for the longest damn time. An absolute must have! 

Lush Santasaurus and Snowie
Santasaurus and Snowie
The last thing I picked up was A French Kiss (£4.25) which is the most relaxing and calming bath product I have ever tried from Lush. This is an oldie, but by God is it a goodie. If you need a stress free environment and something to help you sleep, I would highly recommend this angel.

So there we have it folks, my recent birthday and Christmas shopping spree turned into a selfish shopping spree for myself... I regret nothing! 

What have you been buying from Lush?
Would you recommend something from another company?

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P.S Print (£8) in top picture is from Its Elizabeth and Snowman Basket (£8.99) can be found here

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