Thursday, 16 February 2017

A Wee Chin Wag

Beauty Talk With Lauren - Life Update
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Hi guys,

I have been the biggest dick ever and not posted anything on this blog since the 1st January, and let’s face it, that was a scheduled post. I just really wanted to check in and catch up as I have missed sitting down and taking some time out to do what I do best, talk shite!

I’m not going to be Negative Nancy (however that is ok regardless of what twitter tells me) but I have been so stressed this year and its only mid-February!! I am just dying for some time off to have a few hours to myself where I dont have to worry about work or uni. 

Slimming world has been an absolute bastard. I have said every week that I would start back and be really good. It’s now four months later and am wondering why I look like the side of a bus but here goes attempt number three. I’ve lost one stone in four weeks which I canny quite believe. I have two weeks in Portugal booked with Liam’s family in May and I cannot be this size when I go as I nearly had a fit on the plane last year when I thought I needed a seat belt extender. No offence to anyone who does, but I felt so uncomfortable last year and the year before due to my weight and I need to work hard to get it off pronto. I’ve also got my graduation in July and I want to look and feel nice, not for anyone else, but myself. I legit nearly welled up there typing about my graduation. I.AM.SO.EXCITED.

Beauty Talk With Lauren - New Home
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Both myself and Liam decided to finally start saving for a deposit for a mortgage so we gave up our little flat and moved back in with our parents to give us the incentive to do it. I don’t know about you, but at 30+ years old I did not expect to be back living with family, especially not in a house that contained an over excited five year old who thinks it’s acceptable to scream at the top of her lungs, when granny over here is trying to sleep at 9pm. I didn’t think I could justify punching a five year old... until now. It’s something we have spoken about for years, the house, not punching children you'll be glad to know, but with Uni and other things that life threw us from time to time, however come April I will no longer be a student which means we can focus on becoming adults and stepping onto that ridiculously expensive property ladder. Then comes the marriage and the baby in the golden carriage, or minus the carriage in fact!

Oh, I forgot I also went up to Perth at the weekend as Liam was back home for a weekend before going back offshore again and I have to say, Perth has got some hidden gems in the way of food. We stayed in the Mercure which was pleasant enough, however the £25 for two rolls and sausage and two shots of orange juice were scandalous. When I say shots, I legit mean shot glasses of orange juice but regardless of that, we went to a gorgeous little place called Breizh Restaurant which is a French restaurant and is simply stunning. The decor is quite minimal but the massive picture of Brigitte Bardot in the window sold me. I had fresh oysters to start while Liam had confit duck leg and they were sublime. We also went for steaks which were obviously cooked to perfection. The next night we found ourselves at another French restaurant called Cafe Tabou, I was flabbergasted, I honestly felt like I was in France. It was so romantic with its dark red setting and the atmosphere was lovely as well as the staff. The food was also out of this world. So if you are ever in Perth, I would highly recommend these two places.

Like I said, Liam is back offshore until the end of the month and he is only back for another weekend *insert crying emoji*. It’s horrible being with someone for eight years and going from living with each other to only seeing each other for one weekend a month! How the hell do these long distance relationships survive??? I have obviously booked another wee hotel for us to chill out and relax *wink wink* so hopefully that cheers him up.

So that’s all. It doesn’t sound much, but to be honest, I’ve not been doing anything other than reading all things accountancy and burying my face in my slimming world book so it might sound boring as fuck, for that I apologise, but I am one boring bastard nowadays ha-ha. Hurry up April, I am ready when you are.


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