Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Coping with an Ectopic Pregnancy


Hello again. This has taken a lot of thought and I am still not sure whether I have should have hit the publish button. This is incredibly personal and you may be wondering why i've even bothered posting this but I wanted to write down my thoughts and experience to make sense of what happened. I should probably say that I drop a few profanities throughout this, so if you are offended by vulgar language or this topic, then please dont read anymore.

For the most part, a lot of good has happened. I need to remind myself of that or else I will retreat into myself and start to spiral downwards. I don't suffer from depression or anxiety but I can at times shut myself off from the people who care the most, which of course means I end up suffering in the long run as I dont want to burden anybody with my crap. Its easier to smile and pretend everything is ok.

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